Health Policy Planning and Management (HPPM) Department

As we approach the post MDG era, maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity remain the greatest contributor to the global and local burden of disease especially in SSA; in spite of existence of affordable evidence based interventions. One major gap is a lack of understanding of how to bridge the gap in knowledge-policy-implementation.
In Uganda, there is a challenge of operationalizing knowledge/evidence and policies to save mothers and newborns as most of this evidence is either borrowed from the West or from Asia where the health systems are contextually different.

There is therefore a need to synthesize this evidence to suit local context. Furthermore, there are uncoordinated research and capacity building efforts in Uganda. This is worsened by lack of a country specific research agenda. To this effect, there is need to coordinate research done and capacity building efforts as well as streamline local maternal and newborn targets with global ones.

The overall Goal of the Centre is to mobilize existing and external efforts and resources for Maternal and Newborn Research, information and knowledge sharing in order to inform efforts for evidence based policy making, design and implementation of interventions at scale in Uganda and in the neighboring countries.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Develop and monitor implementation of an evidence based national maternal and newborn health research agenda in Uganda
  2. Strengthen internal and external technical capacity for maternal and newborn health in Uganda
  3. Strengthen Maternal and Newborn Health Knowledge Management and Information Dissemination efforts in Uganda

Expected key outputs include:

  • National Research agenda developed and disseminated
  • Short courses on MN health developed and delivered
  • An annual Maternal and Newborn symposium held
  • Existing and ongoing research documented and policy briefs made and disseminated
  • A grant proposal for funding developed – MaKSPH will build on the seed funding to develop proposals and increase funding for the centre of excellence beyond SNL
  • Young researchers recruited and their capacity built


  • Developing of a research agenda is in process using the CHNRI method. Both MN publications and grey literature from 2009-2014 have been collected and archived. Engagement of stakeholders has begun.
  • Lives Saved Tool Training was conducted for programmers, academicians and students on 20th-21st November 2014
  • 3 student dissertation scholarships for MN research were given out in 2014
  • An interactive maternal and newborn website has been developed (
  • A conference concept has been developed in preparation for the maternal and newborn symposium in June 2015.

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