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Improving Health workforce Performance in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda:

Kabarole District Health Management Team in a discussion during one of the national workshopsHealth systems in sub Saharan Africa are increasingly decentralising planning and management authority to lower levels, and in particular to districts. This research project works to enhance understanding of how, and under what conditions, a management strengthening intervention can improve workforce performance at the district level.

PERFORM is a 4-year (starting 2011) EU-funded programme whose focus is improvement of health workforce performance in decentralised health systems, implemented in Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. The aim of PEFORM is to understand how management strengthening can improve workforce performance.

The action research project supports District Health Management Teams to identify barriers to workforce performance and their causes; plan, act, observe and then reflect on the performance of the plans.

In Uganda, PERFORM is implemented in Luwero, Jinja and Kabarole districts. The District Health Management Teams are currently in the process of implementing their bundles of Health system/human resource strategies to address the performance gaps that were identified during the problem tree analysis.

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