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ReBUILD (Research for Building pro-poor health systems during recovery from conflict)

ReBUILD is a DFID-funded research programme to support health systems development in post conflict countries. The aim of ReBUILD is to deliver new knowledge to inform the development and implementation of pro-poor health systems in countries recovering from political and social conflict. Our study sites are within Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Our research focuses on two main health systems related themes namely: Health financing and Human resources for Health as well as the interaction between the two

In Uganda, research activities are focused on Acholi sub region, Northern Uganda. The research in Uganda is further broken down and conducted under four sub studies. However, these are internally referred to as ‘projects’. These are: Health care financing project 1), Health worker Incentives (project 2), Rural Posting( project 4) and Aid architecture ( project 5).

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Project/Study Design & setting
Setting: Acholi sub-region, Northern Uganda
Design: A mixture of retrospective and cross sectional design


a) IHEA conference presentation( Sydney Australia 2013):
Health worker Incentive environments Post conflict: Lessons from Health worker life histories by Sophie Witter

b) Liverpool Symposium on research in humanitarian settings (November 2013):
Those who continued to serve during and after conflict: life histories of health workers in Acholi region, Northern Uganda by Justine Namakula

c) Health Systems Global symposium Cape Town 2014(Check website for details)HSG 201programme for details)

  • Project 1: Gendered health care coping in Northern Uganda: What are the gender and equity considerations in post conflict health system strengthening? Sarah Ssali et al
  • Project 2: Health worker migration within and between sectors: Lessons from Post conflict Northern Uganda (oral). Justine Namakula et al
  • Project 4: Morbidity of health staffs during conflict and post conflict situations in a decentralised system: A case study of Northern Uganda(Poster)- Mangwi Richard
  • Project 5: Organisational Infrastructure for service delivery: A case study of post- Conflict Northern Uganda. Freddie Ssengooba et al.
  • ReBUILD Members chaired and facilitated various sessions during the HSG 2014.

d) Presentation at AFHEA conference

Other research uptake related results
• Stakeholder Consultation workshops ( 4) at both national and regional level
• Dissemination meetings at regional level in Gulu district ( Check for details on the HSG website)
• Project briefs( 2) in 2011 and in 2013
• One policy brief on social net work analysis titled: “Using social network analysis as a method to assess networking of organisations that support districts in provision of health services” This evidence is from project 5.
• Presentation to (sharing findings with) members of senior management committee Uganda and Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee( SMER) at Ministry of Health Uganda as well as Office of the prime minister and representatives at DFID Uganda office.
• One press release about article for project 2 in Time magazine and one in London times


  1. Namakula, J. & Witter, S. (2014). “Living through conflict and post-conflict: experiences of health workers in northern Uganda and lessons for people-centred health systems”. Health Policy and Planning, 29 (suppl 2) ii6-ii14. [DOI: 10.1093/heapol/czu022]
  2. Ssengooba et al 2015. Publication in press, HPP journal Project 5) Title: “Application of Social network analysis to assess organisational infrastructure for service delivery in post conflict Northern Uganda.” Health policy and planning ( In press)

Note: Many more publications are still in press while some are in progress. This section will be updated in due course

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Freddie Ssengooba
Co-Investigators: Dr. Sarah Ssali
Funder/s: DFID
Collaborating Institutions

  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and
  • Queen Margaret University Edinburgh

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